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Please fill out the Google Form below! The waitlist works on a first-come-first-serve basis - when a spot opens up, it will be offered to the next person on the list! The waitlist is non-binding and there is no down payment required.

Once the next spot is offered to you, you have one week to choose to accept the spot, start a trial phase, or pass the spot on to the next person.

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Q: Can I just book a single session?
A: Unfortunately, I am offering session time exclusively to the monthly students for the sake of building a consistent schedule, streamlining my process, and maintaining plenty of dedicated attention per student. However, there are tons of amazing photographers in our community that offer single sessions, such as @suhailphotos & @abelinsane!

Q: What is the cost of the program?
A: For all pricing info, please take a look at the PRICING PAGE. The program is designed with a monthly structure, and priced for a high level of use.

Q: Do you offer a trial phase?
A: Yes, I do! The trial run is for a one-week period including one 1.5h session and all other features at a cost of $250. Your spot will be reserved for one week after completing the trial. If you choose to officially commence the training, the $250 will go towards the first month's cost.

Q: Since it is a monthly program - how many months should I plan to keep my spot for?
A: Of course, this is entirely contingent on how much, what, and how you're looking to learn. A month will cover most people for a heavy jump-start in progress acceleration and set them on a track of continued growth. Two months is probably the average program length, and anything longer that is mostly for people seeking a consistent and stable support system for growth. Your spot renews monthly, so there's no need to commit to a program length before you start!

Q: I have already purchased some of your tutorials. Am I eligible for a discount on the program?
A: Absolutely! The cost of your tutorial order(s) will be deducted from your first month of training! (up to $100)

Q: Do you offer any student discounts?
A: I do offer a discount for high school and college students! If you are currently an enrolled student, contact me and we can discuss options!

Q: Can I share the coaching spot with someone?
A: If you want to share a spot with someone you know, we can arrange that, although the pricing will need to be modified slightly! This can be a great set-up for anyone who can't afford a full monthly spot or can't dedicate as much time as is necessary to fill a full spot. Contact me and we can discuss options!

Q: I am in a different time zone. Is that a problem?
A: I'd say in 90% of the cases it is no problem. The program was designed as a web program in order to be globally accessible! However there might be a scenario where if we are 10-14 timezones apart (if you are in UTC+2 to UTC +6) and you have a restrictive schedule, we won't be able to align. We will need to discuss this specifically, so I'd recommend contacting me before signing up for the waitlist!



Alex is a full-time portrait photographer and photography coach based in Los Angeles.

Her photography spans from heavily stylized images with surreal fantasy themes to traditional beauty shots and studio work.

Alex is classically trained in terms of the technical elements of shooting - lighting, exposure, and composition. Over the years, she has gathered massive amounts of her own shooting and editing techniques and discovered the best approaches to solving all kinds of logistical and creative photography-related problems.

Alex is incredibly passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge with whoever is dedicated and ready to learn. To her, the most important aspect of photography is community.