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Please fill out the Google Form below! The waitlist works on a first-come-first-serve basis - when a spot opens up, it will be offered to the next person on the list! The waitlist is non-binding and there is no down payment required.

Once the next spot is offered to you, you have one week to choose to accept the spot, start a trial phase, or pass the spot on to the next person.

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Q: Can I just book a single session?
A: Unfortunately, I am offering session time exclusively to the monthly students for the sake of building a consistent schedule, streamlining my process, and maintaining plenty of dedicated attention per student. However, there are tons of amazing photographers in our community that offer single sessions, such as @suhailphotos & @abelinsane!

Q: What is the cost of the program?
A: For all pricing info, please take a look at the PRICING PAGE. The program is designed with a monthly structure, and priced for a high level of use.

Q: Do you offer a trial phase?
A: Yes, I do! The trial run is for a one-week period including one 1.5h session and all other features at a cost of $250. Your spot will be reserved for one week after completing the trial. If you choose to officially commence the training, the $250 will go towards the first month's cost.

Q: Since it is a monthly program - how many months should I plan to keep my spot for?
A: Of course, this is entirely contingent on how much, what, and how you're looking to learn. A month will cover most people for a heavy jump-start in progress acceleration and set them on a track of continued growth. Two months is probably the average program length, and anything longer that is mostly for people seeking a consistent and stable support system for growth. Your spot renews monthly, so there's no need to commit to a program length before you start!

Q: I have already purchased some of your tutorials. Am I eligible for a discount on the program?
A: Absolutely! The cost of your tutorial order(s) will be deducted from your first month of training! (up to $100)

Q: Do you offer any student discounts?
A: I do offer a discount for high school and college students! If you are currently an enrolled student, contact me and we can discuss options!

Q: Can I share the coaching spot with someone?
A: If you want to share a spot with someone you know, we can arrange that, although the pricing will need to be modified slightly! This can be a great set-up for anyone who can't afford a full monthly spot or can't dedicate as much time as is necessary to fill a full spot. Contact me and we can discuss options!

Q: I am in a different time zone. Is that a problem?
A: I'd say in 90% of the cases it is no problem. The program was designed as a web program in order to be globally accessible! However there might be a scenario where if we are 10-14 timezones apart (if you are in UTC+2 to UTC +6) and you have a restrictive schedule, we won't be able to align. We will need to discuss this specifically, so I'd recommend contacting me before signing up for the waitlist!



Alex is a full-time portrait photographer and photography coach based in Los Angeles.

Her photography spans from heavily stylized images with surreal fantasy themes to traditional beauty shots and studio work.

Alex is classically trained in terms of the technical elements of shooting - lighting, exposure, and composition. Over the years, she has gathered massive amounts of her own shooting and editing techniques and discovered the best approaches to solving all kinds of logistical and creative photography-related problems.

Alex is incredibly passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge with whoever is dedicated and ready to learn. To her, the most important aspect of photography is community.



"I am very positively impressed by Alex's mentorship program, especially how structured and personalized the whole coaching was prepared.

In the short period of one month, I made extreme progress in editing, preparation for shooting and also social media growth and marketing.
After the first lesson, she immensely optimized and simplified the workflow for me already, so that I was able to cut my editing time in half. In addition to that, I was even able to drastically improve the quality of my pictures, as she always gave me very detailed feedback on my edits.

I felt extremely supported by Alex, because I always got a quick and detailed answer to every question I sent her. Alex was very helpful and didn't hesitate to view and discuss difficulties in a quick Skype call.

The lessons were always written down by Alex, so that I could easily find all the topics we discussed in the lesson. There were also weekly homework/challenges that encourage me personally to accomplish those.

Since my focus was more on the social media and marketing side, I got a completely different insight into the world of photography and have now learned many new ways that I would never have thought of before, to market my brand and thus to monetize my work."

- @dani.portraits



"First off, I want to say Alex’s program was the most organized coaching program I’ve ever seen! Right from the start, she tailored the sessions specifically to my needs and skill level.

The best part of her program is the sheer amount of knowledge I gained from her Skype sessions. For example, I started her program knowing little about color palletes and applying them to images. She helped me grow this skill in a few weeks when it should’ve taken many many months. Alex also worked with me on color correcting skin, optimizing my global dodge and burn, and retouching more efficiently

Not only did she help with understanding the ins and outs of Photoshop, but she helped me with booking clients, working with companies / ambassadorships, literally everything!

After taking her coaching program I’ve been able to achieve the looks and different styles that I asked for before starting her program. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. Thank you so so much for everything Alex!"

- @derrek.harris



"As a commercial photographer specializing in every aspect of the photography world, from landscape and real estate photography to headshots and editing training, I thought I had learned it all. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

After only a handful of sessions with Alex, not only my workflow but my overall abilities and quality increased by 1000%. The amount of knowledge and know-how Alex brings to her mentorship and coaching program is exceptional. Her abilities behind the camera and computer are mind-blowing. Even the time and effort she has invested in building the mentorship program is a testament to her dedication and professionalism.

If you are looking to level up your photography and editing in a major way, or to bring in more clients to your photography and editing training business, hiring Alex is a must. The improvements in the quality of my work have been noticed over social media resulting in a rather large increase in both my photography clients and editing and retouching students.

A massive Thank You to Alex for the help and being such an amazing, warm and pleasant person to learn from. You made it easy and fun!"

- @ckcstudios.ports



"I will be short of words if I try to explain how committed Alex is to each individual's growth. In today's competitive world, we end up seeing so many photographers who don't share lot of their techniques or locations with other photographers. Alex is the opposite. She wants you to learn. She ensures that your knowledge bank increases.

She puts in a lot of hard work in planning and executing these sessions. We had a recording glitch and she went out of her way to re-record session parts that were missed because of the glitch. That's how committed she is.

She was very responsive to my queries over the chatting platform we use in this program. I also got a chance to interact with her other students in the monthly group session. It gives you a sense of being part of the community and interact with fellow students. It is very easy to communicate with her and she is very understanding.

If you are thinking of signing up with her for her mentorship program, stop thinking. Just do it :) By the end of program, you will have so many tools to improve yourself and work towards your vision. Thank you for everything Alex. Why did the program even have to end?? "

- @lavinaportraits



"Alex’s mentorship program is for anyone that is looking to quickly improve their technical ability or grow their social media presence!

I found Alex to be a very insightful, direct and invested individual. The long-term format was invaluable to me because unlike traditional, single 1:1 sessions, Alex is able to diagnose and provide quality feedback as you progress.

For my program, we mostly focused on post-processing techniques like color-grading and retouching. While I felt that I understood the concepts before the program, Alex was able to quickly identify the mistakes I was making that I simply was not aware of.

I now feel I am significantly more competent and efficient in my workflow. I believe Alex’s program is one of the best investments you can make in taking your game to the next level!"

- @calebcohenphoto



"Alex is making the photography world so much easier. I just love how she explains things to me!

She really knows and figures out how far you are along in the program and how to help you from that point.

With her support, I significantly sped up my workflow, got more creative and learned how to keep improving my work on my own!

Alex thank you for everything. I would always choose you as a mentor!"

- @liannebrenkman



"I am an intermediate photographer that is looking to cross the border into advanced photography and pursue it professionally, full-time. My focus during my mentorship with Alex was to learn how to replace my current income from my 9 to 5 with income from photography.

I made LEAPS of progress in this area thanks to Alex. Prior to her coaching I had only made about $100 total as a photographer, but since being coached by Alex I have made thousands of dollars, which is quite remarkable for me. She has equipped me with a game-plan and strategy to transition away from my boring 9 to 5 job and I am so happy that my dream is becoming a reality thanks to her help!

The program format was a great fit for me because of how flexible it was. As I was exploding on social media throughout the program, my situation was rapidly changing every week. Alex was quick to adapt.

The main takeaway for me was the business strategy and mindset that I learned professional photographers should have if they are to make this their full-time job. The program taught me to seize opportunities that were right in front of me all along but were completely invisible until Alex explained these sources of income. I am truly grateful to have had Alex as my coach and would recommend her to anyone looking to cross that bridge into becoming a full-time photographer."

- @alexanderthegreat