Dodge & Burn Portrait Retouching Tutorial 2.0

Welcome to the brand new Dodge & Burn Retouching Tutorial!
This tutorial breaks down Local Dodge & Burn in a beginner-friendly manner, and offers a complete guide to a full retouching workflow.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction & Theory
    1. Important Terms
    2. Local Dodge & Burn Basics
    3. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Retouch I & II - Full Walkthroughs
    1. Raw Process
    2. Cleanup
    3. Local D&B
    4. Contouring (Global D&B)
    5. Skin Color Correction
    6. BONUS: Style and Export

We will be working in Adobe Photoshop & Camera Raw! A basic knowledge of both programs is recommended.

There is no prior knowledge of dodge & burn required. The tutorial is split into chapters for your convenience, but it is easiest to watch in chronological order.

The techniques taught can be applied to any portrait shot! Retouching is universal to all types (daytime / nighttime / neon / etc.) of portrait photography. I hope this tutorial will help you build a firm grip on dodge & burn, and take your retouching game to the next level!

Included with this download:

- 3.5 hours of course material
- The RAW file of the walkthrough images
- LUTs for skin color correction and D&B assist
- Photoshop actions for LDB, Contouring, and Export
- Soft Proofing Assist for Raw Import
- Minimalistic Photoshop Toolbar
- Local D&B Brushes
- Contouring Exercise

Unfortunately, you may not post the image anywhere online or use it for any purpose other than following along with this tutorial.

Models: Keep / @keepchambers // Kaitlyn / @kaitimackenzie

Keep's Instagram Page

Kaitlyn's Instagram Page

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