Portrait Editing in Photoshop for Beginners 2.0

Starting to learn Photoshop to edit portraits can be incredibly intimidating! This tutorial aims to alleviate the stress and take a simplified approach to PS. We eliminate all the unnecessary clutter in our workspace, and then dive into explaining the select few tools that are actually necessary to edit a creative portrait quickly and efficiently. Then, we apply all tools in a full start-to-finish walkthrough of a professional, creative portrait edit. You can follow along with the RAW files provided!

We will cover:


  • A simple approach to navigating the Photoshop interface
  • The essential tools for portrait editing
  • Navigating and using the menu bar
  • Using layers, masks, and adjustments to edit efficiently


  • Using the Camera RAW interface to import and balance RAW files
  • Removing distractions with the clone stamp tool
  • Retouching the skin via Frequency Separation
  • Adding dimension to the skin and eyes via Dodge & Burn (contouring)
  • Correcting skin tones via selective color and HSL
  • Adding dimension to portraits via curves
  • Creating subject separation with selective toning
  • Adding style via hue shifts and selective color
  • Sharpening and exporting for web use

About the tutorial:

Why should you learn to edit in Photoshop versus in Lightroom?
Well, LR is great for some really simple edits. If you want to grow your editing skills past the basic level in the future, I would recommend investing in building a foundation in Photoshop that you can continue to build on, instead of becoming an expert in Lightroom, where you will soon hit a cap in growth potential.

If you are a beginner who just started shooting portraits, or you are looking to solidify and round-out your shooting skillset, this tutorial can be paired with the Portrait Shooting Tutorial.
Click HERE for the 2-Tutorial Bundle
Click HERE for the Portrait Shooting Tutorial

Included with this download:

- The full 2:00h editing tutorial (digital download or replayable online stream)
- The RAW file of the editing tutorial image (full version and compressed version for slower systems)
- My simplified and decluttered Photoshop Workspace and Toolbar
- Instructions on how to import the Workspace and/or Toolbar

Unfortunately, you may not post the image anywhere online or use it for any purpose other than following along with this tutorial.

Model: Marcella / @marcella_bianca

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