@Liquidverve Portrait Editing Tutorial 2.0 ("Narrative Editing")

Welcome to my Photoshop editing tutorial that covers my current style of editing! This tutorial will introduce you to the tools, techniques, and thought processes behind my edits, so you can use them to build your own style! We will focus heavily on narrative editing, i.e. using post-processing tools to help enhance the story-telling aspects of a portrait.

Important: This is NOT a beginner's tutorial (some experience in Photoshop is highly recommended) and it does NOT heavily focus on retouching (we lightly discuss retouching and go over my typical retouching workflow, but if you are new to dodge & burn you may want to consider studying it more in-depth via another tutorial). This tutorial focuses on advanced techniques of optimizing and simplifying your workflow, and pushing your images to their full potential!

We will cover:

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Narrative Portrait Editing - What is Narrative Editing and how do we implement it?


  • Chapter 2 - Camera Raw - Maximizing the potential of our raw file, especially in difficult-to-edit shots with under- and overexposure
  • Chapter 3 - Distraction Removal - Efficiently removing distracting elements via minor composites and clone stamping
  • Chapter 4 - Retouch - Evening the skin with Dodge & Burn while maintaining natural texture and adding definition to enhance the model's beauty
  • Chapter 5 - Tone & Color - Creating unique and impactful color palettes via Curves and Selective Color
  • Chapter 6 - Finishing - Finalizing the exposure balance, adding grain, sharpening, and exporting the image


  • Chapter 7 - Narrative Composites - In-depth discussion on building composites that help tell a story in portrait editing via two sample edits
  • Chapter 8 - Narrative Color - In-depth discussion on color palettes and application in portrait editing via two sample edits

Included with this download:

- The full 3:30h editing tutorial (digital download or replayable online stream)
- The RAW file of the main walkthrough image (full version and compressed version for slower systems)
- My simplified and decluttered Photoshop Workspace and Toolbar
- Instructions on how to import the Workspace and/or Toolbar
- Photoshop Actions for setting up: Local Dodge & Burn; Skin Hue Balancing; Contouring / Global D&B; Base Color Layers; Adding Grain & Sharpening; Exporting for IG/Web (to use go to Photoshop > Actions > Menu > Load Actions)
- My brushes used for Dodge & Burn (one with and one without pressure sensitivity)

Unfortunately, you may not post the image anywhere online or use it for any purpose other than following along with this tutorial.

Models: Kaitlyn / @kaitimackenzie // Ally / @allyrubbo

You'll get 1 ATN, 1 TBR, 1 PSW, 1 ABR, 2 DNG, 2 ARW, 1 TXT and 3 MP4

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