Beginner's Suite - Portrait Shooting & Editing Tutorial Bundle

This tutorial bundle is for those looking for a jump start in the learning process of shooting and editing portraits. Fit for both complete beginners and some intermediate shooters, this course package will take you on an in-depth journey on how to plan and execute a professional shoot with professional results, as well as processing your shots in Photoshop in an artistic but efficient manner.

In the shooting portion, we will discuss shooting tools, such as gear, lighting, composition, color, location, the model, and the concept, as well as demonstrating these tools on three practical shoot examples! In the editing portion, we will simplify and tackle the essential tools in Photoshop needed to edit a portrait, and then apply those tools in a full edit walkthrough.

Shooting Tutorial - we will cover:

  • How do I create dimensional portraits that have that extra "something"?
  • Which gear should I shoot on? (Does it even matter?)
  • How do I properly prepare for a shoot to make the most out of it?
  • How can I find and use beautiful natural light?
  • Where do I find models for collabs, especially as a beginner?
  • How do I pose, direct, and - in general - communicate with a model?
  • Where should I focus my attention when I first start shooting?
  • How do I deal with anxiety and overwhelm on shoots?
  • How can I come up with creative ideas and concepts for shoots?
  • How do I keep progressing once I feel like I'm plateauing?

Editing Tutorial - we will cover:


  • A simple approach to navigating the Photoshop interface
  • The essential tools for portrait editing
  • Navigating and using the menu bar
  • Using layers, masks, and adjustments to edit efficiently


  • Using the Camera RAW interface to import and balance RAW files
  • Removing distractions with the clone stamp tool
  • Retouching the skin via Frequency Separation
  • Adding dimension to the skin and eyes via Dodge & Burn (contouring)
  • Correcting skin tones via selective color and HSL
  • Adding dimension to portraits via curves
  • Creating subject separation with selective toning
  • Adding style via hue shifts and selective color
  • Sharpening and exporting for web use

About the tutorials:

Both tutorials are split into chapters for your convenience. They can be watched chronologically or viewed and reviewed in form of single chapters or subchapters. It does not matter which order you watch the two tutorials in.

As I mentioned, these courses cater tutorial caters to anyone from complete beginners who have never touched a camera or an editing software, to anyone who has been shooting and editing for a while but is looking to really solidify and round out their skillset and streamline their editing process. Both tutorials are meant to build a strong foundation that is easy to build advanced skills upon.

If you are only interested in the shooting or editing portion of this bundle, they can be purchased individually!

Included with this download:

- The full 2:30h shooting tutorial (digital download)
- The full 2:00h editing tutorial (digital download)
- The RAW file of the editing tutorial image
- My simplified and decluttered Photoshop Toolbar
- Photoshop actions for Frequency Separation, Contouring, and Export

Models: Marcella / @marcella_bianca // Kaitlyn / @kaitimackenzie // Jade @jadeaaalynn // Amber / @ambaluna

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